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Use of this site does not imply the need for identification except for features that require user registration, however any personal data provided is protected under current law and the user is allowed to access it and make any update to our database. Where customer registration is required, the record is considered valid after activation is complete.
The customer form must be properly completed, that is, the fields should be complete with the appropriate spacing between the figures, such as:

full name, 
• complete address
• location, 
• postcode, 
• telephone, 
• email 
• Customer ID, 
​​• keyword.


All fields marked with asterisks (*) must be correctly filled as they are obligatory fields.
G-Ride undertakes the commitment not to disclose any personal registration data, by any means, to third parties.




In the product pages on the online shop, information about the essential characteristics of our products is provided through technical descriptions shared by their suppliers and photographs illustrating the products sold in strict compliance with industry best standards. The prices of all the products listed on our website are presented in euros, with taxes and fees included. The VAT included in all mentioned prices reflects the rate applicable on the day of the request. Any changes to the VAT type will be immediately reflected in product prices. However, G-RIDE reserves the right to change prices at any time. Similarly, prices and promotions displayed on our Online Shop may vary and their availability may be related to limited periods of time. Some offers may have a quantity limit per customer. If applicable, this limit will always be displayed on that particular offer.


The shipping service costs are per user account and buyer, and are added to the total value of the selected products. The user will be informed of these charges before the confirmation of the order and completion of the purchase process. Due to the large amount of products sold on our website, and despite all our verification efforts, there is always a possibility of incorrect pricing. If G-RIDE discovers this situation during processing of an order, we will proceed immediately to contact the respective client, providing the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or else proceed to its cancellation. Similarly, there is a possibility of incurring stock rupture even after completion of the order, that situation will be duly informed to the client and a refund will immediately be processed. Prices and products available on are only valid for purchase orders placed through and may not match the prices in the other G-RIDE stores, unless expressly indicated.




3.1 Record Type


Register as a "Guest." This purchase order requires only a name and email address without registration or creation of an account. No data will be stored in our databases.
Account registration. This purchase order is the registration, through the name and email address, with consequent account creation and inclusion in our databases. With the creation of an account our customers will be able to see their data automatically recognized whenever they visit our online store.


3.2 Conducting an online order


G-Ride reserves the right to change prices, add or delete products without notice. In the shopping cart there is a dedicated space for the introduction of discount codes. These codes are distributed under campaigns carried out by G-RIDE and meet the conditions set out in the campaign. The codes accumulate with promotions in effect at the time of its use, however, you can only use one code per product. The use of codes is only valid if the value of it is less than the value of the product on which you want to apply the discount. 
The purchase order validation implies that the customer has learned and accepted, explicitly, the General Conditions of Sale. On completion of your purchase, you will receive an automatic email to confirm the transaction. If the data is not correct, you can immediately change your order, or even the cancel the recently-made purchase.


3.3 Availability of products


The product catalog of is independent of the physical stores, and the price level and quantities in stock. All promotional campaigns have limited stock and are exclusive to online marketing.


G-RIDE only processes an order placed by a customer after confirmation of payment, and as such G-RIDE can not guarantee the availability of products by the beginning of that process. The estimated time for shipping plus the transport time depends on the chosen carrier as well as the order destination.


G-RIDE only ships on weekdays. Thus, weekend and public holidays are not recognized in the estimation of delivery times for orders. In any case, the estimated delivery dates are indicative. In the event of unavailability of any product ordered, and having contacted the inquiring provider about the possibility of replacement of the missing article, G-RIDE will contact the customer if the delivery or the price of the item changes so that the order will only be processed with the consent of the customer. In case of absolute unavailability in stock of the product ordered, G-RIDE may offer a product of equivalent quality and price, if any, and, in this case, the order will only proceed with the consent of the customer.


In case of absolute unavailability in stock of the product ordered, and being impossible to offer any product of equivalent product and price, or not having received customer consent to the change of the order originally made, G-RIDE will reimburse the amounts paid within 14 (fourteen) days after notification of the cancellation.


Any delay in the shipment of goods, given the estimated dates displayed, does not give the customer right to any compensation.




Payment and collection in store 
• Payment by PayPal 
• Credit Classic up to 48 months 
• Credit without interest




Orders will be sent via CTT Expresso EMS 18.


The delivery is free of charge (only applicable for mainland Portugal), unless the total order value is less than 50 €. In this case you will be charged the amount corresponding to the associated payment method:


Order by bank transfer - € 4.90


Orders sent to the islands and abroad are subject to prices on request, as countries outside of the European Community may vary due to taxes, duties and customs duties and other fees not covered in the final price, which are the customer's responsibility. Please check with the competent authorities of your country for more information about import costs.




The return of orders is a process that we try to avoid, imposing rigorous transparency in the process of preparing and sending orders to meet users. Therefore G-RIDE is dedicated to providing the best experience to its customers. This extends to the welfare policy, where there is an effort to meet each and every need of the customer.
When you purchase an item in our Online Shop or one of our commercial spaces, the consumer is automatically covered by the Satisfaction Guarantee, under which within the first 14 days you can return or exchange an item if it did not meet your expectations. 
Before purchasing a product, keep in mind that when it comes to contracts Resolution (Returns), provisions in Portuguese law differentiate between a distance purchase (online and receive the address via carrier) and a purchase made directly in commercial space.


a) Contracts Resolution (Returns) – Distance purchase. For distance purchases (made online and receive at a given address via carrier), Portuguese Law provides the consumer a period of 14 days (commonly known as reflection period) after taking physical possession of goods, during which you can return the article(s) without the need to state a reason.
In the case of free contract resolution, the cost of return postage shall be borne by the consumer, as provided in paragraph 2 Article 13 of Decree-Law No. 24/2014 of 14 February.


b) Contracts Resolution (Returns) - Purchases made directly in commercial space. For purchases made directly in commercial space, as opposed to distance purchases, Portuguese law does not oblige the selling company (in this case G-RIDE) to accept the Agreement Resolution (Return) if the product complies. In these cases, although Portuguese law does not impose the acceptance of returned goods purchased by the consumer on the selling company, G-RIDE accepts this return in the first 14 days of purchase as a courtesy to its customers , however, the reimbursement can only be made via credit note. This credit note may be deducted partially or entirely on new purchases in G-RIDE stores, whether in the Online Shop (in or directly in one of our commercial spaces after being assigned to your Client account. The credit note is valid for one year.

6.1) Acceptance Conditions Returns / Exchanges

Although G-Ride accepts returns / exchanges in the first 14 days (as described above), the goods returned will be accepted only if adhering tightly to the following conditions:


a) The returned item must be intact and without any mark or damage from use;
b) You must return the product together with its packaging, manuals and accessories in pristine condition;
c) Together with the product returned, the receipt referencing the product must be included.
6.2) Returns Refund Form


Upon receipt of the returned part, the customer will be refunded via the original method of payment within 14 days to the effect. G-RIDE hereby reports that it may withhold reimbursement until acceptance of the returned item(s), or until the customer provides proof of sending the goods, whichever occurs first.


6.3) To begin the Return / Exchange process

a) You may simply take yourself to one of the G-RIDE stores with the article and your receipt or, if you do not have this possibility,
b) Contact with G-RIDE Customer Support via email at or by phone: 282 180 798

You must then return the goods without undue delay and no later than fourteen (14) days from the day of informing G-RIDE of the free termination of the contract, considering that the same is respected if the Client returns goods before the expiry of that period of fourteen (14) days. The customer must bear the full costs of returning the goods in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal of the contract. If you want to exchange items, you may go to any G-RIDE store, or contact customer support, which will provide you with all the information regarding the exchange process. You should not, under any circumstances, send articles to G-RIDE without making prior contact as they may not be approved.




Our policy does not affect your statutory rights.


All products sold by our website are covered by a 2-year manufacturer warranty, assured by the respective brands. The warranty period is counted from the date of delivery of the product. As stipulated by law, the expenses incurred in the collection and recycling of products within the warranty period will be the responsibility of G-RIDE. In this respect the customer can choose one of the following: repair, replacement, adequate price reduction or termination of the contract. To activate the warranty the customer must simply provide proof of purchase of the product. As such, G-RIDE undertakes to carry out the repair or replacement in the maximum legal period of 14 days from the date of receiving contact from the customer. The warranty period is considered suspended for the duration of the repair of the product.


Once replaced, the new product will be entitled to a new guarantee, independent of the warranty of the replaced product.


In the case of equipment (marketed by G-RIDE) outside the warranty period, G-RIDE also provides technical assistance, to whom you can give notice and send the defective or damaged good. Articles are reviewed by After Sales G-RIDE Service, which will issue a technical opinion and appropriate repair budget if this is the case. Repairs will only commence after acceptance of the budget by the customer.


G-RIDE offers no warranty against failure or damage due to misuse, such as lack of maintenance, abuse or neglect, the use of the product for anything other than its intended purpose, or alterations to the product, unless expressly permitted in writing by G-RIDE.


G-RIDE does not cover general wear and tear on tires, air chambers, brakes, cables and brake pads, light bulbs, chains, cassettes, hoops, batteries, etc.


Corrosion and / or deterioration caused by fatigue of the material defined as the natural breakdown of materials that occurs after prolonged use, is also not covered by warranty. After the initial 30-day period, G-RIDE reserves the right to repair / replace any defective part under warranty.

This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser. Proof of purchase (invoice) is absolutely necessary with all requests for potential warranty.


Any item to be repaired or replaced on warranty is covered for a period equal to the remaining warranty period of the original piece.


7.1) Returning a used, defective item


All items purchased at G-RIDE are covered by full warranty. Generally the warranty covers flaws and manufacturing defects. If you feel that your purchase has developed a fault, please send us an email to before returning any merchandise. - Sometimes you can solve your problem without incurring shipping costs.
For the quickest response, please send an email to If possible, include photos of your product so that we can assess your query immediately. We will contact you indicating the next step to resolve your problem. Should we need to take the product back we will get in touch with information on how to do so. Please be honest when dealing with us, we will try our best to resolve your problem as it is in our interest to have a happy customer!




Under no circumstances we will be responsible for:


a) economic losses of any kind
b) indirect losses, special or consequential damages; or
c) damage or loss of data on this site.